Morsbronn-les-Bains, France

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

“Probably better if you’re younger than 12”

If you have read some of my trip reports, you may know that I’m a big fan of Europa-Park. Germany’s largest theme park isn’t exactly near my hometown, though. The drive between Antwerp and Rust takes approximately 5 hours. Fortunately, there are loads of stopover destinations on the way. One of those destinations is Didi’Land in eastern France. The park is dedicated to children, but it also features some coasters and small-sized thrills. In July 2010, we decided to spend an afternoon here.


During our visit, the park had a total of 3 roller coasters. Unfortunately, I’m not talking about B&M Flying Coasters or Intamin Mega Coasters. Didi’Land offered a standard Big Apple model and a spinning coaster, both built by SBF Visa Group. However, the best coaster at Didi’Land is Drakkar. This family roller coaster was built by French manufacturer Soquet and it’s quite fun. Soquet isn’t known for its smooth or thrilling rides, but this one is actually enjoyable. Drakkar is a perfect family coaster for this park and it’s one of the few permanent rides at Didi’Land.


Definitely visit Didi’Land if there are small children in your group. The park offers a large variety of children’s and family rides. Most of these attractions are quite simple and can be found at multiple parks across the globe, but that doesn’t bother most children, I guess? Warning: no need to travel to Didi’Land if you’re mostly interested in decoration and atmosphere. Theming is virtually nonexistent and most rides feel like they belong on a funfair.


I’m not really recommending a visit to Didi’Land since the park clearly isn’t meant for roller coaster fans. Please don’t get me wrong: I appreciated Didi’Land and I’m sure that families with young kids can have a great time here. But if you’ve visited many other theme parks, Didi’Land turns out to be a rather underwhelming place. The park lacks a signature ride and some areas look a bit dated.


Photo Gallery 2010

What are your thoughts on Didi’Land? Would you visit this park for the coaster credits? Or would you consider travelling here with young children? Share your opinion in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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