Pacific Park

Pacific Park

Santa Monica, California, USA

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“As seen in many Hollywood films”

Los Angeles is one of the world’s best destinations if you’re looking for theme park fun. The city is full of notorious amusement parks: Six Flags Magic Mountain is a must-do for coaster junkies, while Universal Studios and Disneyland cater to the film-loving and magic-loving crowds. Another world-famous theme park can be found in Santa Monica, at the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Or actually, the park’s located in the Pacific. Santa Monica is home to a pier, which includes an incredibly photogenic amusement park.


Pacific Park is the smallest of Los Angeles’ theme parks, but it’s well-known nonetheless. The pier and park are featured in many American movies and TV shows. It can easily be recognised thanks to its Ferris wheel and the brightly coloured tracks of Santa Monica West Coaster. The ride was built by Californian manufacturer Morgan and its trains remind me of a Hyper Coaster. Don’t get too excited, though. Santa Monica West Coaster is just 17 metres tall and the track length of 400 metres isn’t impressive either. Still, it provides an excellent ride experience for families and crowds seem to enjoy it a lot.


Pacific Park is entirely focused on families with young children. As a result, the ride selection is rather simple. The park is home to a Ferris wheel, a miniature free fall tower, a swinging ship, many spinning rides and quite a few arcade games. Nothing too extraordinary, but let’s be honest: coaster enthusiasts only come to Pacific Park for its legendary coaster credit, right?


Yes and no. If you’re travelling through California, the iconic Venice Beach and Santa Monica are well worth a visit for those typical tourist snapshots. And while you’re here, why don’t ride the roller coaster? Still, I wouldn’t recommend driving a long distance for Pacific Park. Theming is nonexistent and Santa Monica West Coaster is just a small-sized family coaster. Honestly, I’d rather spend the day at Disneyland Anaheim, Six Flags, Universal or Knott’s.

Is this the world’s most iconic amusement park on a pier? Did you ride the iconic West Coaster yet? Or would you rather enjoy some people-watching at nearby Muscle Beach? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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