What is Yomiuriland?

Yomiuriland is one of Tokyo’s many amusement parks and it can be found west of the city centre. This isn’t a theme park: decoration is limited and the overall atmosphere is rather bland. Still, Yomiuriland offers a few interesting roller coasters, so we decided to give the park a try. And I’ve got some good news for my dog-loving readers. Yomiurland’s mascot is a very unhappy dog. I don’t know what’s wrong with that dog, but he looks like someone has just stolen his bone.


Where is Yomiuriland?

Thanks to Tokyo’s fantastic public transportation network, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to Yomiuriland. There are several options, but we chose to ride the Keio Line (not to be confused with the Keiyo Line, which connects Tokyo Disney Resort to the city centre) to the station called Keio-Yomiuri-Land. The trip takes approximately 30 minutes from Shibuya Station. For the next part of the journey, we took the park’s cable car. It offers a breathtaking view over Yomiuriland and the park’s surroundings, but it also brings you to the park’s main entrance.


Do they have roller coasters?

They sure do. Yomiuriland doesn’t only feature Wan Wan Coaster Wandit (a kiddie coaster), but they have a few thrilling rides as well. The most recognisable ride of the entire park is Bandit, a hyper coaster by Japanese manufacturer Togo. This coaster is more than 1.500 metres long, it’s 51 metres tall and it’s got a top speed of 110 km/h. Good stats and the ride is beautifully integrated in Yomiuriland’s hilly landscape. Unfortunately it’s not the smoothest coaster on Earth and the restraints are kind of restrictive if you’re slightly taller than most local visitors. I’m happy that I’ve ridden Bandit, but one ride was definitely enough for me.


What’s unique?

Yomiurland’s most unique roller coaster isn’t Bandit, but Momonga Standing and Loop Coaster. It can easily be described as a two-in-one package. It’s one roller coaster, but it features two different experiences thanks to its double loading station. You get to choose between a standard sit-down train and a stand-up version. I guess it doesn’t count as a double coaster credit, but I really liked the fact that this ride can be experienced in two different ways.


Is Yomiuriland worth visiting?

This park is well worth a visit if you’re a coaster enthusiast in search for credits. Yomiuriland has some pretty solid rides and the staff were just amazing. If your time in Tokyo is limited, however, I’d recommend to visit other places. This just isn’t the most amazing amusement park and theming is virtually non-existent.


What are your thoughts on Yomiuriland?

Do you like the sad dog? Are you interested in riding Bandit? And would you choose to ride the stand-up version of Momongo or do you prefer a sit-down coaster ride? Share your opinion in the comments section below!

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