Never heard of an amusement park named Toshimaen? That’s okay, because this really isn’t the most exciting place in Japan. The park lies in one of Tokyo’s residential suburbs and it’s easy to access by train. It seems as if this used to be a public park, which was later transformed into an amusement park. Toshimaen offers a lot of funfair-style flatrides and some of them are oddly built on roof tops. The park looks oudated and most areas are in desperate need of an upgrade. The most interesting thing of our visit is actually a Japanese cosplay gathering, which takes place at Toshimaen.


Coaster enthusiasts will be able to ride 4 credits here. The park offers a small kiddie coaster, a standard Mack powered coaster called Blauer Enzian, a modern looking Arrow Corkscrew-ride and Cyclone. Cyclone is definitely the most interesting rollercoaster, since this is a 1965 Togo ride. The lay-out is simple and it’s a strange experience, but Cyclone is also surprisingly smooth and fun. The fact that it looks so incredibly old and outmoded is a good thing in this case.

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