Heide Park Resort


What is Heide Park?

When the summer holidays are over, theme parks tend to get a lot more enjoyable. Low crowds and the absence of children form the most ideal conditions for an amusement park visit. That’s why we use the first day of the new school session to travel to Heide Park. This is one of Germany’s biggest theme parks and they have an enormous variety of family attractions, thrill rides and rollercoasters.


Do they have roller coasters?

There are some pretty good reasons for coaster enthusiasts to put Heide Park on their bucket list. The park is home to Krake (a nicely decorated B&M dive coaster), a smooth wing coaster called Flug der Dämonen, a large bobsled coaster manufactured by Mack Rides and Colossos. Colossos may be the main reason to visit Heide Park: this is one of the biggest rollercoasters and it’s famous for its powerful drops and insane airtime. However, personally, I didn’t like Colossos that much. Nowadays, the ride isn’t as smooth as it used to be and the lay-out is everything but surprising. Also, theming is very limited: Colossos is themed with a broken Statue of Liberty copy… that’s it.


Some parts of Heide Park have been elaborately decorated, but some other parts aren’t themed at all. The strangest section of the park is the area where Limit (Vekoma SLC) and looping coaster Big Loop were built: this looks even worse than most Cedar Fair parks. Also, it’s sad that a picturesque German village near the park entrance has been closed to public, so it’s actually a desolate, sad square right now. Another unthemed area used to be the place where lots of Huss flat rides were put together. However, this area has recently been refurbished and it’s now known as the Maya Valley. This was a big improvement, if you ask me.


Is Heide Park worth visiting?

If you’re searching for thrill rides and spectacular rollercoasters, then Heide Park is one of Germany’s finest destinations. However, if you’re in need of an immersive theme park experience, you’d better find another place to go. Heide Park has a better atmosphere than most Cedar Fair or Six Flags parks, but this isn’t at the same level as Europa-Park or Phantasialand.

Bucht der Piraten




Land der Vergessenen




What are your thoughts on Heide Park?

Do you like Heide Park? Do you think that this is Germany’s thrill capital? And did you enjoy your ride on Colossos? Share your opinion in the comments section below!

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