Walibi Belgium

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As a Belgian, I’m allowed to say that Belgium really isn’t a theme park destination. We’ve got a few medium-sized attraction parks and some travelling funfairs, but none of them really stands out. But there is one Belgian park which is clearly better than the others: Walibi Belgium. This amusement park can be found close to our capital Brussels and it was founded in 1975. Walibi used to be one of Europe’s leading parks, with the opening of some unique attractions during the early years. Nowadays, however, the park is mostly filled with standard coasters: you can ride a classic Vekoma SLC, a Boomerang or a mine train coaster with a recognizable lay-out. The park also features Loup Garou, one of the few wooden coasters built by Vekoma. It’s a pretty shaky ride, but there’s actually a good amount of airtime. The most legendary coaster at Walibi is probably Psyké Underground. This Schwarzkopf shuttle loop opened in 1982, but was recently refurbished by Gerstlauer. The entire track is indoors and that certainly adds to the excitement.


Searching for Belgium’s best dark ride? You’ll find it at Walibi, because they’ve got Challenge of Tutankhamon. Don’t expect it to be at the same level as a big Disney dark ride, but this is actually a very decent interactive laser gun ride manufactured by Sally Corporation. Walibi also offers some of the country’s best water rides. I’m talking about a long raft ride called Radja River, a log flume with three drops and the recently opened Pulsar. This could easily be described as a shuttle-with-some-airtime-water-coaster: Pulsar features three launches, goes both backward and forward and the ride ends with a huge, soaking splash. Yes, I literally mean huge: if you take a seat in the back row, you will definitely get drenched. Anyway… Pulsar is a great addition for Walibi, but I will definitely only ride it during hot summer days.


Walibi isn’t the best park in Europe, but it’s worth a visit whenever you’re in Belgium. And you should know that good things are on their way to Walibi. The park will be undergoing some big improvements in the next couple of years and they’re even adding a giant new coaster in 2021. So guess what… I’ll be back!


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