Tokyo Disneyland

The distance between my hometown and Paris is approximately 310 kilometers. It takes three and a half hours of driving to get there. The distance between my hometown and Tokyo is approximately 9.400 kilometers. If you’re lucky enough to be on a direct flight, it takes about 11 hours to get there. Despite this remarkable difference in travel time, I’ve spent more days at Tokyo Disney Resort than at Disneyland Paris during the last couple of years. That may seem bizarre, but the European resort just doesn’t feel that magical nowadays. As the parks are preparing for the 25th anniversary, lots of attractions are getting refurbished. That’s why I prefer to spend my vacations at the Japanese Disneyland instead. Another good reason to travel that far: Tokyo is simply amazing. Unlike Paris, this city is impeccably clean, locals are friendly and you’ll find an affordable meal on every street corner. In short, the Japanese capital is one of my favourite holiday destinations and it’s great to be back in November 2016. The best thing is that I’m accompanied by my boyfriend some very close friends this time. Together we visit the well known Asakusa temple site, we get a glimpse of Harajuku’s famous cosplay girls and we climb to an astonishing height of 450 meters in the Tokyo SkyTree. From the tower’s viewing platform, we get to see a city which has more inhabitants than my own home country. The view extends as far as Tokyo Bay and I can even see the contours of Japan’s most beloved theme park resort. But do you know what’s even better than staring at theme parks from a distance? Right: going there.

DSC01269DSC01285DSC01279DSC01288After experiencing the glitz and glamour of Tokyo DisneySea yesterday, we now head to the neighbouring Tokyo Disneyland. Our morning looks exactly the same as 24 hours ago: we get up early, we board a monorail and we then queue up in front of the entrance gates. The madness inside the park at 8 AM is also similar to the one at DisneySea. There, people immediately rush to the ‘Toy Story Mania’ Fastpass machines in the early morning. Here at Tokyo Disneyland, a majority of the visitors tries to get Fastpasses for ‘Winnie The Pooh’ and ‘Monsters Inc’.

DSC01458DSC01486DSC01489We follow the crowds to secure our Fastpass tickets for the extremely popular ‘Monsters Inc’ darkride. This ride and its Fastpass distribution are located in Tomorrowland. With some common sense, you might expect this area to be futuristic and modern. But that’s not the case. In fact, this is one of the most dated themed lands at any Disney park on Earth. It mainly consists of concrete floors, ugly looking planters and buildings which probably haven’t been changed since the 80’s. Luckily, most Tomorrowland rides are significantly less old-fashioned than their facades.


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