Winter at Europa-Park

I’ve been visiting Europa-Park since 2000 and it has been my favourite European theme park destination ever since. I adore the atmosphere, I love the attention for detail and I could ride some of the park’s rollercoasters all day long. The awesomeness isn’t limited to the summer season, as Europa-Park also opens from late November to early January every year. This year, we planned a trip during the Christmas holidays. It sure is different: Europa-Park adds an enormous amount of winter decoration, there are extra shows/rides and they adapt some attractions to the season. The park’s German-themed Main Street is even transformed into a cosy Christmas market, which is a very nice touch. Winter Europa-Park is beautifully decorated and the early sunset allows a ton of night rides on Blue Fire, Wodan and Euro-Mir. That definitely deserves a thumbs-up.


I wouldn’t recommend a first-time visit to Europa-Park in winter, though. The problem is that some of the main attractions are closed. All of Europa-Park’s stunning water rides and B&M mega coaster Silver Star remain closed during this period. That’s not a huge problem; there are more than enough fun rides left. It might just feel a little disappointing to some thrill seekers. That’s why I definitely prefer Europa-Park during a hot summer day. After a few trips, when you’re getting used to the park and its laid-back atmosphere, you’ll be able to fully enjoy a winter visit. It is a beautiful time of year, after all.


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