Winter at Phantasialand

As I showed you in my summer trip report, Phantasialand is a great theme park. It even has become one of my favourite one-day destinations since they added the brilliant Taron and the Klugheim section surrounding it. Be sure to read that other trip report if you’d like to know more about Taron, B&M’s masterpiece Black Mamba and a unique rapid river called River Quest.


But there’s more: Phantasialand is also open during the winter season and the entire park is transformed into a big Christmas celebration. The park offers special winter decorations, the theme of most shows is adapted, there’s a Christmas market on the main square and they even present a fireworks display every single evening. And do you know what’s the best thing about Winter Phantasialand? They keep almost every attraction running. Unless temperatures get extremely low, you’re able to ride Taron, Black Mamba and Colorado Adventure during wintertime. Even the park’s stunning log flume Chiapas remains open and IMAscore actually created a special Christmas version of the ride’s cheerful soundtrack. Of course, the ride is just as wet as it is during the summer, so queues are rare.


Believe me: Winter in Phantasialand is fantastic. In my opinion, the park’s atmosphere is actually better during winter than during the regular summer season. Be sure to try some German winter specialties, have some mulled wine and definitely don’t miss those night rides on Taron. This coaster may feel a little slower due to the cold, but the darkness adds a lot of excitement. Awesome.

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