Europa-Park… what should I say about it? That it’s one of the world’s greatest theme parks? Well… it undoubtedly is. I’ve been visiting Germany’s largest theme park multiple times a year since 2000 and the park has never failed to amaze me. Every time I step through those gates, I’m surrounded by theme park awesomeness and a pure vacation feeling. Theming at Europa-Park isn’t on Disney level and you’ll definitely find more breathtaking rollercoasters in other European parks. Also, some shows are rather boring, especially because they’re almost completely in German. However, no other theme park in Europe manages to perform so excellently as Europa-Park in general. The park is well-known for its incredibly high ride capacity, a large variety of delicious food offerings, several beautiful on-site hotels and flexible opening hours which are adjusted to crowd levels every single day.


Europa-Park is divided in 15 different areas, most of them representing a European country. These themed sections offer rides, shows, national cuisine and even some local crafts. One of the nicest places is the Greek area, which is dominated by water rollercoaster Poseidon. Despite its rattly coaster part, this ride is one of my favourites at Europa-Park. The landscaping around Poseidon is wonderful and the ride’s station is simply stunning. Other must do’s include Euro-Mir (a unique Mack spinning coaster featuring an unforgettable soundtrack), Arthur (a very cool darkride/coaster built by Mack Rides) and Silver Star, a B&M that used to be Europe’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster. Although the ride feels less intense than you might expect, it’s still a great experience. You should definitely try the front seats for the smoothest and coolest ride.

The most popular area at Europa-Park is without a doubt the Islandic section. This popularity is mainly due to Blue Fire Megacoaster and Wodan Timbur Coaster, the two best rollercoasters at Europa-Park. Blue Fire is a surprisingly smooth launched coaster, manufactured by Mack Rides. The best part of the ride is the final inversion, which literally tries to throw passengers out of their seats. The neighbouring Wodan is a 40 metres tall GCI wooden coaster with great theming. Although the lay-out may seem quite short, this is actually my preferred GCI in Europe. The ride is a little bumpy, but high speeds and plenty of near-misses make up for that. Wodan is awesome!


My personal tip: try to plan your first visit to Europa-Park in summer. Their winter event is magical, but Europa-Park actually feels best in sunny, warm conditions. This is mainly due to the enormous amount of water-based attractions. The park boasts many boat rides, a classic log flume, a splash battle, a great rapid river in the Scandinavian section and two (!) thrilling water coasters. Atlantica SuperSplash, Poseidon and Fjord Rafting get very long queues during hot summer days and there isn’t any fast lane option. So if you’d like to visit these attractions, I’d recommend to ride as early as possible. Wodan and Blue Fire tend to have long lines as well, but they have a single rider option which may be advantageous.

If you ever get the chance to visit Europa-Park, definitely do so. This park will not disappoint and the future looks bright. In the following years, the park will open Voletarium (some kind of Soarin’-clone), a brand-new water park and a new large rollercoaster. I can’t wait!

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