Magic Kingdom


What is Magic Kingdom?

Orlando is known as the world’s theme park capital. And within this capital, Magic Kingdom could easily be describes as the king of theme parks. With over 20 million guests annually, this place is ranked first when it comes to theme park attendance. On average, more than 55.000 people pass through the park’s turnstiles every day and they all want something that’s called magic. Luckily, this isn’t hard to find at Magic Kingdom. The park, which is built around the enormous Cinderella Castle, offers many classic Disney rides.


Do they have roller coasters?

The most popular rides are Peter Pan’s Flight (a very popular, but rather simple dark ride for the whole family), Splash Mountain (the most elaborately themed log flume on Earth) and thrilling roller coasters like Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. Magic Kingdom is also home to New Fantasyland, a beautiful area which replaced the old-fashioned and quite cheerless Fantasyland. This revamped section features a stunning Little Mermaid attraction and an overly popular family coaster called Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Also, you’ll find one of Walt Disney World Resort’s most beloved restaurants at New Fantasyland: Be Our Guest. In all honesty: we tried this Beauty And The Beast-themed place and the Grey Stuff was indeed delicious, but the restaurant itself is overrated. Next time, I’m definitely having dinner somewhere else.


What’s unique?

Just like most Disney theme parks, Magic Kingdom gets even more amazing during the evening. I’m not only talking about night rides on Big Thunder Mountain (these are pretty awesome though!) but most of all, I’m in love with Disney’s famous nighttime spectaculars. Last year, Disney retired its long-running and somewhat outdated fireworks display Wishes and replaced it with the brand-new Happily Ever After. And believe me… this is one of the greatest nighttime shows Disney ever created. It uses projection mapping, fireworks, fire and it wouldn’t be complete without some of Disney’s most famous songs. Don’t miss this wonderful experience.


Is Magic Kingdom worth visiting?

Thanks to its great variety of rides, shows and entertainment, it’s not difficult to see why Magic Kingdom is so popular. However, this popularity has a logical, rather unpleasant consequence: crowds tend to be huge here. Even during the slowest times of year, Magic Kingdom will feel just as busy as most other amusement parks during the summer season. So make Fastpass+ selections as early as possible (you can get Fastpasses up to 60 days in advance when staying on Walt Disney World property) and be prepared to queue for almost everything, including a regular popcorn cart or the Starbucks. Once you get used to the queues and the crowds, you’ll sure discover the beauty of Magic Kingdom.

Main Street USA






Liberty Square


Festival of Fantasy Parade






What are your thoughts on Magic Kingdom?

Do you dare to conquer the crowds to discover this famous theme park? What’s your favourite roller coaster at Magic Kingdom? And do you like The Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest Restaurant? Share your opinion in the comments section below!


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