What is Epcot?

Epcot, you’ll hate it or you’ll love it. There’s hardly anything in between, since Epcot is one of the most unusual theme parks on the planet. First of all, this park isn’t just about rides. Epcot is also a place where technological progress and culture play a big role. The most unconventional part of the park is World Showcase, some kind of World Expo. This section includes 11 lands themed to different countries. You’ll discover local architecture, music and of course… food! Epcot is known to be the most delicious of all theme parks at Walt Disney World, because there are a ton of restaurants here. At Epcot, it’s perfectly possible to have breakfast in Norway, lunch in Japan and dinner in Canada. The park is actually at its best in Autumn, when Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival takes place. During this event, there are even more tasty options to choose from.


Do they have roller coasters?

Simple answer: no. However, the park’s first coaster is currently being built en is scheduled to open in 2021.

What’s unique?

Eating may be my favourite way to spend time at Epcot, but there are some awesome rides as well. You should definitely ride Soarin’ Around the World and take a flight to Mars in Mission: SPACE (remember… Team Orange is the only right choice here). One of my personal favorites is Frozen Ever After, a medium-sized darkride featuring some very advanced audio-animatronics and effects. You really don’t need to adore Frozen to enjoy this attraction, but beware for long queues. Another great dark ride – where queues are generally a lot shorter – is Spaceship Earth. This attraction can be found within the giant sphere at the park’s entrance and it shows the evolution of communication. That may sound boring, but it’s actually a stunning classic dark ride.


Is Epcot worth visiting?

Epcot is without a doubt my favourite theme park at Walt Disney World. I love the unique atmosphere, the variety of restaurants and the great ride selection. Large parts of the park don’t feel Disney-ish, but that just might be Epcot’s biggest strength. It’s a different, mature kind of theme park with lots of hidden secrets.

Future World


World Showcase


What are your thoughts on Epcot?

Do you like this unusual theme park? Do you prefer World Showcase or Future World? And are you looking forward to the park’s first roller coaster? Share your opinion in the comments section below!

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