Disney’s Hollywood Studios


What is Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Europeans love complaining. And one of our favourite things to complain about is Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. We always seem to think that everything is better in the United States, but is that really true? Is Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort so much better than our own studio theme park? If you’re just there for thrilling rides, the answer is definitely no. Although Orlando’s Tower of Terror is much better than the one we got in Paris, the park really lacks another blockbuster ride. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is a rather mediocre ride and Toy Story Mania may have long queues, but it’s actually just a large computer game.


Luckily, good things are on their way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios: the park will open a large version of Toy Story Land (including a new family coaster) in 2018, while a new Mickey Mouse dark ride and the much-anticipated Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge will be inaugurated one year later. This themed area will definitely make Hollywood Studios a must do since it will feature two brand-new, world-class rides.


Is Hollywood Studios worth visiting?

Don’t go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the rides, but definitely go there if you like a good show. There is a Frozen Sing-a-Long, a (quite lame) Indiana Jones Stunt Show, a nice Beauty and the Beast Musical and much more. Hollywood Studios is also home to the very popular nighttime spectacular Fantasmic and a Star Wars themed fireworks show. If you’d like to see all those shows, Hollywood Studios should be considered as a full-day experience. And if I may add a little tip: choose 50’s Prime Time Café for your lunch or dinner. This restaurant is one of the best immersive experiences within the park, but be prepared to eat all your vegetables or you’ll get punished. Long story short: Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a theme park with a few flaws, but you obviously need to visit it for Tower of Terror and Fantasmic. However, for the very best experience, you should probably come after 2019.


What are your thoughts on Hollywood Studios?

Is this the least interesting theme park at Walt Disney World? Will Galaxy’s Edge be able to change this? And is Tower of Terror the resort’s best ride ever built? Share your opinion in the comments section below!

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