Disney’s Animal Kingdom


What is Animal Kingdom?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is known as the most beautiful theme park within Walt Disney World. That’s definitely true: the park offers some stunning themed areas (please try to forget Dinoland USA) and the landscaping is simply amazing.


Do they have roller coasters?

The Asian section is my favourite part of the park: the theming is top-notch and you’ll find two great attraction here. The first one is Kali River Rapids, a soaking wet rapid river which is especially fun during hot Florida summers. The second one is Expedition Everest, a spectacular roller coaster that is set within a huge replica of Mount Everest. Although it never really met the expectations I had for a 100.000.000 dollar ride, this sure is one of Disney’s most thrilling experiences.


What’s unique?

Another must do at Animal Kingdom is Kilimanjaro Safaris, a 20-minute journey through the Savannah plains. You’ll encounter lots of live animals during this trip and it all feels very realistic. Queues can get rather long, so consider using Fastpass+ for this attraction.

Another ride you’ll definitely need Fastpass+ for, is Flight of Passage, the star attraction of Pandora. Pandora opened in 2017 and it represents the World of Avatar. The area is simply breathtaking: exotic vegetation and soaring mountains create the illusion of entering a different world. A ride on Flight of Passage will make the experience even crazier, because this is one of the most immersive attractions Disney ever created. This flight will blow your mind, but honestly… I expected it to be more than just another 3D simulator. Don’t get me wrong: Flight of Passage is amazing and it’s probably the best simulator-type ride on Earth, but I’ll always prefer classic dark rides like Indiana Jones Adventure, Mystic Manor and Pirates of the Caribbean over this. The second ride at Pandora is Na’vi River Journey, a beautiful but pretty short boat ride. Although it features the most advanced audio-animatronic ever, I wouldn’t wait more than 30 minutes for it.


Is Disney’s Animal Kingdom worth visiting?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is much more than a zoo, that’s for sure. The park is very impressive when it comes to decoration and they got a few nice shows as well. However, I still don’t see it as a full-day destination and I’d really like to see another world-class ride within Animal Kingdom. Future will tell whether my wish will be granted or not.

Oasis & Discovery Island


Dinoland U.S.A.






Pandora – The World of Avatar


What are your thoughts on Animal Kingdom?

Do you think that this is Florida’s most beautiful theme park? Did Flight of Passage blow your mind or do you prefer a classic dark ride? And do you agree that the park should get rid of Dinoland USA? Share your opinion in the comments section below!

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