Poland isn’t exactly the most exotic holiday destination. When talking about this country, I’m not instantly reminded of sun, palm trees, beaches and mojitos. A few years ago, I didn’t consider Poland as a coaster destination either. If you were searching for a theme park holiday within Europe, you needed to travel to Germany, Sweden or Spain. Definitely not Poland. However, times have changed and nowadays this country features a few rapidly expanding amusement parks. The centre of this theme park madness is the city of Zator, where the famous Energylandia is located. That’s why this destination recently appeared on my must-visit list. And since I enjoyed a few days off at the end of August, we quickly decided to book a cheap flight to Katowice. This huge city lies within a one-hour drive of Zator and it’s home to another promising amusement park: Legendia.

Our plane lands at 5 PM on Sunday, Legendia lies only 25 minutes from the airport and the park is open until 9 o’clock tonight. That’s why we decide to visit this park immediately after our arrival and that seems a good choice. At our arrival, this is the situation at the parking lot. I guess the park will be quiet…


The park exists since 1956, but the biggest expansions and a huge rebranding have taken place during the past few years. That’s probably why the entrance looks so new and well-kept.


Just to be clear: I didn’t make this photo before opening or after park closing time. Legendia was just literally empty on this Sunday evening.


What a strange feeling to walk through this Main Street on our own… Where is everybody?


At the end of Legendia’s main avenue, we get some awesome views of the park’s signature roller coaster. The fact that it’s running, makes me happy.


Unfortunately, not all roller coasters are operational during our visit. This Pinfari Zyklon is closed for the remainder of the evening. At the information centre, a staff member explains us that the ride’s brakes don’t work properly during rainy days. Weather is pretty nice at this moment, but apparently it rained a lot earlier today. So unfortunately, we won’t be getting our coaster bingo tonight.


Some parts of Legendia are themed nicely, but you shouldn’t expect any world-class theming at this park.


Like many other theme parks, Legendia is built around a large lake.


Take a look at our first Polish credit. It’s called Tornado and it was built by French manufacturer Soquet.


Soquet didn’t built an enormous amount of roller coasters and that’s a good thing. Most Soquet coasters I’ve ridden so far are painful, shaky and uncomfortable. That’s why I’m a little anxious about our ride on Tornado…


But I have to admit: the actual experience isn’t that bad. Tornado isn’t the most amazing coaster on Earth, but it’s a lot smoother than expected.


If you’re looking for a unique Soquet experience, you should consider riding in the last carriage. One row of seats is turned backwards, which may certainly add some excitement to this strange roller coaster. As you can see in the picture below, the backwards ride is approved by Steven.


Most rides at Legendia just seem like they belong on a funfair. This swinging flat ride is one of them.


Legendia is already making preparations for a new rapid river in 2020. But you’re probably more interested in that coaster in the background, aren’t you?


If you’ve ever heard of Legendia, that was probably because of Lech Coaster. This is a Bermuda Blitz, built by Vekoma and opened in 2017. The ride is built around a beautiful medieval castle and the atmosphere reminds me of Klugheim at Phantasialand.


If you look closely at the picture below, you will discover that one of Lech Coaster’s inversions is built just above the loading station. And as you can see, that platform is entirely empty tonight. Front seat, back seat or somewhere in the middle of the train? It really doesn’t make any difference in wait time.


With a height of 40 metres and a speed of nearly 100 kilometres per hour, Lech Coaster is more than just your everyday Vekoma. Besides, the ride features 3 inversions and some very fast curves.


And hey… isn’t it a beauty?


If you’ve ridden DC Rivals HyperCoaster or Expedition GeForce, you may know how Lech Coaster’s first descent feels like. If you haven’t visited Warner Bros Movie World or Holiday-Park yet, I’m happy to tell you that it’s amazing. The curved, nearly vertical drop creates some insane airtime and g-forces at the bottom are surprisingly intense.


If you’re seated in the back, this first drop will lift you off your seat for several seconds. Honestly, I think that this is one of the best drops on any roller coaster in Europe.


Lech Coaster is a very intense experience. Immediately after that awesome first drop, the ride sends us through a tight first inversion. This so-called Reverse Sidewinder is actually so forceful that it makes me grey-out for a moment.


Ever wondered if a Vekoma coaster could contain brilliant airtime? Those two passengers in the front row (including Steven) scream ‘yes!’ as an answer to that question.


As I mentioned before, this is a surprisingly well themed ride. It contains a few near-misses and that station fly-through is nothing less than spectacular.


Unlimited rides on this beast; that felt like a privilege to me. This ride is so incredibly smooth, forceful and intense that I consider it as one of Europe’s very best inversion roller coasters. I hope that Vekoma manages to sell lots of Bermuda Blitz coasters, because this is the perfect investment for any theme park on Earth.


Just one more picture of this brilliant roller coaster…


At nightfall, it gets a little chilly in Katowice. It’s definitely too cold for a ride on Diamond River. This flume ride looks quite good, though.


Dragon Wrestling Tournament is a Huss Flic Flac. The theming looks weird and I don’t like those twisting flat rides anyway, so we skip this one.


Legendia doesn’t seem to get any busier, does it?


One of the strangest facts about Legendia: they don’t offer one, but two Pinfari Zyklon coasters. Why does the park offer two of these torture machines? I have absolutely no idea. Anyway… this one is called Dream Hunters Society and unfortunately, it’s got a similar rain policy as its sibling across the lake.


Welcome to Dream Hunters Society, presented by Steven and closed due to rain.


Park operators forgot to close Dream Hunters Society’s queue line, so we manage to do some legal urban exploring (coaster edition).


Only 2 of the park’s 4 roller coasters are operating. Damn, that wasn’t expected. Or does this cool coaster train-themed playground count as a credit too? Please say yes?


Most of the park’s flat rides are rather standard, but Legendia offers some unique attractions as well. This type of giant airplane carousel reminds me of Disney California Adventure and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


Legendia is a quickly growing theme park. After the addition of Lech Coaster in 2017, the park presented a trackless dark ride this year. This attraction can be found within this giant building, which is also home to a restaurant and an indoor playground.


Bazyliszek tells the story of a mythical creature with the abilities of turning people into stone. It’s an interactive dark ride with laser guns which combines screens and real-life scenery. Although I generally don’t like these shooter dark rides, I have to admit that Bazyliszek was surprisingly good. The ride has a good length, theming is beautiful and the story line is easy to follow. If Lech Coaster and Bazyliszek show Legendia’s current quality standard, the park is definitely on the right track.


Although the park is empty today, Legendia is prepared for big crowds. This is one of the 4 (!) switchback queues for their newest dark ride.


Thanks to nonexistent queues, we managed to see Legendia in approximately two hours. After a few extra rides on Lech Coaster, we say goodbye to the park. It was a special evening: I’ve never visited a theme park with only 40 to 50 fellow visitors. Luckily, these uncrowded conditions didn’t have any bad influence on the park’s atmosphere. Most F&B outlets remained open, almost every ride (except those Pinfari coasters) was operational and staff members were kind to us. Most of them even spoke pretty good English, which came as a surprise to me.


Believe me… Legendia is a fine amusement park. For a relatively low admission price, you get to experience one of the world’s most perfect Vekoma coasters. However, the park is clearly still in development. Some areas look outdated and they could use a few extra high-quality rides. I’m convinced that it will be very different in five years, but I’m actually glad we stopped here on our way to Energylandia. And Energylandia, that’s the park we’re visiting tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about that…


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